Who I am

S he then turns to panel painting: that’s when she starts working with painbrushes, and she becomes more and more confident with acrylics, earth paints and pigments. She thus creates big crettos and very material works. In the end, she discovers paper in all its versatility. With it, she gives shape and color to the creativity of her most recent years. She chooses to use the japanese “sheet-on-sheet” technique, which consists in the superimposition of various layers of paper and glue on a model. This technique, which originated in the Far East in the II century A. D., allows you to produce objects which are both beautiful and resistant. Elena manages to interpret it in a contemporary way, using recycled paper (most of all carta paglia, “straw paper”), which can adapt itself to any model thanks to its softness and porosity. With it, she creates milonga dancers, animal metamorphoses, people balanced on small planets and weightless paper words. Decoration deserves a chapther of its own. Elena’s works are mainly characterized by acrylics, but she also uses enamels, earth paints and wrapping tissue. She alternates embossings, refined graphics, colourful campituras, cuts and scratches that gift her works with unexpected similarities to stone, leather and wood. In recent years, she enriched her human and artistical background thanks to an important experience working in a workshop with people with mental disabilities. Every day there, she used paper and glue to translate the imagination of many special people...

Cartapazza realizes words of paper and glue also to order.

The word is not just a sound or a written symbol. It is a force, it is the power to express and communicate, to think and therefore to create the events of our life. The word is poetry, it is enchantment it is magic.

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